Flu Jabs

Flu season is between September and March.

Flu is a highly infectious illness, which spreads very rapidly by coughs and sneezes from people who are already carrying the virus. The virus circulates every winter, usually over a period of a few weeks, so that a lot of people get ill around the same time. The flu jab is the best protection against the virus. You can get a free flu jab if you are:

  • 65 or over
  • living in an old people’s home or nursing home
  • are over 6 months old and have a long-term (chronic) condition such as a heart problem, asthma, kidney disease, diabetes, have a lowered immune system due to disease or treatment such as steroid medication or cancer treatment

If you have a serious allergy to hens’ eggs, you shouldn’t get vaccinated. If in doubt, ask one of the practice nurses.

Healthy people don’t need to be vaccinated; for most people flu is uncomfortable but not serious.